How to install FREEPBX

In this tutorial i wanna show to you how to install freepbx from different ways, so you can install freepbx from usb, dvd or iso in Virtual box. FreePBX is a customized version of Linux to work as voip server, in this kind of server you can configure trunks(voip numbers) and internal or external extensions to

How to get started with AI

AI means Artificial Intelligence, this two words explain everything about the argument. Artificial System is a program can execute different operations, Intelligence is the part of the program can take a decision by himself without Human intervent. The main difference beetween Ordinary program and AI Program is the ability to take a decision without human.

New Seo Aspects who never tell you

I’m sure, you are one of that guys who try to build a lot of link, i know. But do you think seo is only backlinks? maybe at the beginning it is….. But, you know there is new way for search engine to order wesites and give to them authority for specific page or section

How to positioning website page at first position on google

Hi to all, in this article i want show to you how to positioning your web page at first position on google results. Web page is a page of your domain, for example my domain is and my page is In this example we want create a page for the keyword “How to

How google search engine works

Are you trying to understand how google works? That’s right? Google algorithms are not secrets, we only try to understand the basis of search engine, stop to listen stupid seo philosopies, stop to give money to stupid and dangerous backlinks building services. Every day milions of websites are indexing by google, but how google works