How google search engine works

Are you trying to understand how google works? That’s right? Google algorithms are not secrets, we only try to understand the basis of search engine, stop to listen stupid seo philosopies, stop to give money to stupid and dangerous backlinks building services.

Every day milions of websites are indexing by google, but how google works in background? How google decide to positioning a website on the first page?

The main components of google

Google have three fundamentals components to index a website, these are :

  1. google-bot : a software for scan website pages
  2. database : a place where google store scraped informations
  3. google main page : the software that show google database informations, usually as

See the image below to understand better :

How google Works

Description of the rudimental scraping process

  1. Google-bot open the main page of the website “YOUR WEBSITE”(see the picture)
  2. Google-bot search the html tags like title, h1 etc…(on page factors) and store on database(see the picture)
  3. Google-bot search tag links(internal and external) and store on database
  4. Google-bot measure the time of scraping

I have described the rudimental process of google scraping, remember, google scraping more informations than the case i showed, for example google try to understand the argument of your website and adding a weight of your link for another website, if the arguments of both websites are the same, google start better positioning of the website link destination.

How google positioning a website on

Ok, google scraped the informations of websites, but how google decide the positioning of website when i write a query to

For example if i write on “How make backlinks?” why is the first, is the second etc…..

Google take the informations from different tables on his database like the picture below to decide the positioning :

How google positioning

Because problem of space i missed this onpage factors : robots.txt(say to google what google can scrape), filemap.xml(specific data of your website to scrape in different time etc..).

Google taked informations of his database(the place where the website informations are stored) to decide the best positioning of a specific website like or etc…

Read below to see a procedure for understand the google positioning for try by yourself.

Try to understand google positioning by yourself :

I want encourage you to try to understand how google works by yourself with this procedure :

  1. Go to and start a query
  2. Write the address of websites of the results in a notepad or other
  3. Go to and see how many links each websites have
  4. Go to and check mozrank, domain authority,  page authority, quality of backlinks and number of backlinks for each websites
  5. Try to compare the informations and understand why the website at the first position is placed in the first position


Have fun, with my guide you have the necessary to understand how google works, now you can start to make a plan for your website positioning.

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