How to install FREEPBX

In this tutorial i wanna show to you how to install freepbx from different ways, so you can install freepbx from usb, dvd or iso in Virtual box.

FreePBX is a customized version of Linux to work as voip server, in this kind of server you can configure trunks(voip numbers) and internal or external extensions to make calls inside or outside in your company or home.

The first step is download FreePBX ISO, after downloading the ISO, you have to burn it on usb or dvd by different software like rufus.

Minimum Requirements

Before to show the procedure, i wanna remember to you the requirements for this tutorial:

  • Having an usb or dvd support to create an installation system, you don’t need a support if you want install FreePBX on Virtual Machine like Virtual Box.
  • A computer, virtual machine or device with real or vrtual network adapter to access the FreePBX panel(port 80 or 443).
  • A real or virtual voip phone like 3CX SoftPhone VoIP.
  • A bit of your patience 🙂.

Procedure on How to Install FreePBX

Here are the steps necessary to install FreePBX:

  • Download the iso image to burn on dvd or img from the FREEPBX site.
  • Burn the iso on a dvd or burn the image on a usb stick.
  • Insert the dvd support or the usb stick on the device and enable the boot from the bios, reboot or turn on the machine.
  • After starting the USB or DVD support you will see the start screen of the FreePBX installation, select Full installation under version With Asterisk 13.
  • In the TCP / IP protocol screen select IPV4 and IPV6, specify static IP address if you need it, otherwise leave it on dynamic, then press ok.
  • At the timezone request select Europe / Rome and press ok, otherwise select USA if you are from this area.
  • At the root password request, you have to enter a secure password, possibly alphanumeric and with a minimum of 8 characters. Root is the system administrator who can do everything inside the operating system so i recommend a secure password, enter it and click ok.
  • At this point if you have followed the instructions and if the nework card is connected to the internet, then you should see the FreePBX installation screen.
  • After the installation you will see the execution of the post-installation scripts.
  • Once the scripts have been run, the machine will reboot, remove the installation media if it creates problems. After reboot you will see the update of the “modules” of FreePBX.
  • Now you can login on FreePBX as root to view your ip (in this case
  • Enter the ip address on your browser(from another computer or the computer if you are running a virtual machine) and you will see the FreePBX configuration screen via a graphical interface.
  • At this point FreePBX will ask you to set a password for the admin user, the user necessary to administer the settings.

In this guide you have seen how to install FreePBX.

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