New Seo Aspects who never tell you

I’m sure, you are one of that guys who try to build a lot of link, i know. But do you think seo is only backlinks? maybe at the beginning it is….. But, you know there is new way for search engine to order wesites and give to them authority for specific page or section of a webpage? you never thought that…. nevermind, this is my problem too.

There is something magic when you try to type a query on every time….. if you do that many times you can see the serp changing…..

Maybe it’s time to speak about this…. Google have system of machine learning and artifficial intelligence, this systems working together to change every time the serp and try to collect informations from different websites, but is not only this.

Suppose two websites wrote an article about how to build backlinks with the same quality factors, same url, same title, same seo optimization, then suppose the website A have 30 very good quality and authoritative links from the same niche, then website B doesn’t have backlinks.

In the first time website A is the first result on serp and ahrefs show a video when saying “Oh my god how can i defeat this website, they have a lot of backlinks….”.

Suppose website A is shared by 50 person on facebook with negative words and website B is shared by 50 person with positive words and then check the serp…… you can see website B is the first on serp…. the next question is: “Why that’s happen?” you know the answer…..

So now i’m thinking….. social signal is dead? is not usefull for seo? or social signal have a great evolution to understand the feeling…..

Remember…. stop to be a mechanic of serp! if you want be the best…. think like human about your content… that is the way where google is going to…. and every time you type a query on google, compare like a human every time listen the same song…. the pictures in human head change every time.

Don’t think only about social signal, expand your brain to new way and try to understand google have algorithms can understand your reputation online…. if many websites are talking bad of you be carefully.

I know i’m crazy, i’m software developer and i develop some software where they use A.I for simple operations, this is the reason because i thought new ways.

Brian Damn, Ahrefs, Nail Patel and others, they can’t reach this new way, only visionary developers of search engine algorithms can do that.



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